You’re A Disgrace! – Tim Sheerwoood Throws Big Dig At Highly Rated Arsenal Star

Highly Rated And Arsenal Most Paid Player And Striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been branded an “absolute disgrace” following his disciplinary breach at Arsenal.

The Gunners’ captain was left out of the squad which beat Southampton on Saturday after boss Mikel Arteta revealed he had broken team protocol in the lead up to the fixture.

Reports claim the striker was given permission to travel abroad this past week but returned late, having an impact on Covid-19 restrictions.

Arteta remained tight-lipped on the reasons behind Aubameyang’s omission, but told reporters: “He had a disciplinary breach, that applies to everybody.

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“That’s a non-negotiable and when that happens he’s out of the team. Whatever happens in the dressing room, I cannot share. I am sorry.

“I’m telling you the reason, I cannot lie, it was that, this is where I stand. From my side, I will never [say what the breach was.]”

It comes after Aubameyang was only handed a place on the bench vs Everton and is not the first time he has been punished for his off-field conduct, raising considerable speculation over his Arsenal future.

Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood laid into the 31-year-old and questioned his behaviour, even hinting he should be stripped of the armband.


“I think the manager is under huge pressure, but what he can’t suffer is players throwing the toys out the pram and thinking because I’m sitting on the bench at Everton I can do whatever I want and not curb with the rest of the players,” Sherwood said.

“I think it’s an absolute disgrace.”

Asked whether Aubameyang should remain as captain, Sherwood replied: “Great point, the armband is a man who leads by example, he pulls everyone into life and lead by example.

“If he’s not a good talker then he has to lead by example. But he’s not showing an example off the pitch and on the pitch he isn’t either.”

Sherwood’s former Blackburn Rovers teammates Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton have also taken aim at Aubameyang.

“It’s unacceptable for the second time,” Shearer said on Match of the Day. “For it to happen once, not very good, but for it to happen again and for his manager to have to come out and criticise him the way he did and tell everyone again he’s had to leave him out for those reasons. It’s not good.”