World Cup: 6 Countries Most Likely To Win The World Cup After Squad Selection

In less than 11 days, the 2022 World Cup will kick-off at Qatar but which country is going to claim international football most prestigious trophy?


1. Brazil


Blessed with a host of top class talents most especially in the area of attack, Tite posses one of the most feared countries across the globe at his disposal and he should very well lead them to the title triumph at Qatar.


2. France


It would be very odd to leave out the defending World Cup champions from the list.


And this time, they poses a stiker capable of scoring in every World Cup game at Qatar in Karim Benzema.


3. Portugal


Just like Brazil, Portugal poses an attacking talent capable of running down any defence in the World Cup this year.


Cristiano Ronaldo will be hoping to win the World Cup before his playing days comes to an end in football


4. Argentina


Argentina occupies 4th spot in the list behind Brazil and Portugal and just like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi will be hoping to lead his country to the World Cup triumph before retiring from football.


5. Netherlands


Offensively, Netherlands do not poses enough fire power similar to Portugal and Brazil but defensively, they are one of the best countries that will be contesting for the World Cup in Qatar this month.


6. England


Despite their recent struggles, England cannot be written off in this year’s World Cup due to the number of exciting talents that they poses in their squad.


And who knows, they could still go on to win the 2022 World Cup at Qatar.

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