Why was Brett Barley Created?

Brett Barley was Founded during August 2021 due to the growing need of reliable Sport news by arsenal fans round the world.

Though we have grown from being a reliable provider of Arsenal daily News we are now a reliable Sport content provider that give fans variety of contents from the Epl and La Liga with a Solid presence in UEFA champions league contents and Domestic Sport Events in the Premier League and LA Liga where the Big Teams (Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona) Feature in.

We also Expand our Range internationally by providing fans variety of contents on international competitions like UEFA Nations League, Fifa World Cup, Afcon, Copa America and the Euros (note that we only Civer competitions that players in the big teams we report on plays in).

Over the years we have amazed a vast amount of traffic from our loyal readers that fest on our contents from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and telegram) So Far we get Around 500k pageveiws Monthly on our Site.

Brettbarley Traffic Stats.

With our Top 5 Geos being (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, United Kingdom and United States)

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