Why Gabriel and Saka got angry with Pepe as Ramsdale and Tomiyasu help Arsenal banish ghost of the past

On that particular day, Gabriel wasn’t the only one who was annoyed with Pepe.
When a cutback was played behind him during a counter attack that could have easily closed the game to make it 2-0, Bukayo Saka was obviously enraged with the Ivorian.

It was the start of a lengthy afternoon for the England international, who hasn’t quite replicated his previous season’s form since returning from the Euros this summer.

After all, he played a key role in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s winner against Norwich last week, and he helped Arsenal win 2-0 at Brentford after coming in.
But something wasn’t quite right for the 20-year-old, who appeared to be growing increasingly frustrated with his situation at Turf Moor.

Despite conceding that the England international has not been at his best this season, Arteta dispelled any real concerns in his post-match press conference.
“He hasn’t had much physical preparation, to be sure. I believe there are still areas where he can improve, but he is making an effort “he stated

“Another player who struggled in the final minutes was him. But it’s fantastic that he can suffer and somehow overcome these problems and adversity during games when things aren’t going well for him. It’s all part of the game.

“He had periods of brilliance, followed by periods of hardship, followed by periods of brilliance. It’s preferable to be wonderful and then struggle, struggle, battle.” So it’s all part of his growth, and I’m quite pleased with him.”

In many ways, Arteta is correct. It’s a little silly of us to expect Saka to continue on his rising trajectory forever, given that he’s only recently turned 20.
He’s already been through a lot in his little career, and nothing we’ve seen so far suggests he won’t recover from this minor setback.