Why Arsenal fans are expecting announcement about Alexander Isak today

So we are now approaching squeaky-bum time in the January transfer window, and Arsenal fans are impatiently waiting for some solid news ahead of tomorrow’s Deadline Day. With Vlahovic confirmed as a Juventus player, Arsenal’s biggest rumour now surrounds Alexander Isak, who was reportedly sighted in London yesterday.

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The Sun has reported that he was seen in videos of him in Soho with his Real Sociedad team-mate and former Manchester United man Adnan Januzaj, and the Twitter spies have also reportedly uncovered that Isak registered a personalised number plate in London and then tracked it to near the Arsenal stadium.

If all this is true then it certainly looks like he is extremely close to being unveiled as an Arsenal player.

There is also another theory that Arsenal fans think is very significant regarding David Ornstein, who is normally the first with any breaking news about the Gunners. Yesterday, he reiterated that both Juventus and Barcelona are still waiting for an answer on whether Aubameyang will be loaned out, but he has been surprisingly quiet about any news on Isak, which is suspicious in itself.

The thoughts of Gooners is that they think he must be waiting for the big BREAKING news announcement, and as further proof, they point to the fact that neither Ornstein or Charles Watts have come out and declared that ‘there is no truth in the rumours about Isak’, which makes sense as well if you think about it…