Who did Saúl talk to that made him hesitate to go to Chelsea?

The last day of the transfer market was a real roller coaster of emotions, especially in the case of Atlético de Madrid, which saw how, from a quiet day that it was expected to have, it went into a whirlwind of operations whose documentation entered at the last minute of the time allowed.FB IMG 16305723507276522 1

In the case of Saul Niguez’s departure to Chelsea, the player explained that it was not an easy decision to make, since a day before, according to MD, he was convinced that he was staying. However, the fact that the club, as he explained, reactivated the matter on the last day, precipitated everything.

And on that day, he gave it a lot of laps. “Above all, I spoke with my brothers. They are the ones who have seen me closest, like my father. They knew that even if I stayed at Atlético de Madrid, it could be important, because I felt important at Atlético, the place where I play, because I knew that a few weeks or a month I would be happy, but another season like the year past or two years ago… “, said the player in his conversation with Ibai Llanos. “

The opportunity to go to Chelsea appeared. It was to go and gamble. I have always been a fan of the Premier. Of that culture. I know nothing or almost nothing about English. I would love to learn as soon as possible”, he added to point out: “living in that culture, learning new things, with that, it is good for me to escape a little. Competing for a great club like Chelsea, in my position, is positive for me. My father, at first, saw that I did not see it, but when he saw certain things and they explained the situation to him, he was the first who told me to “take the opportunity, be happy, and earn a position”.

Saul’s doubt

However, the Spaniard explained that he had a conversation “with someone very important” to him, which made him seriously doubt about accepting his departure from Atlético. In the rojiblanco team, Fernando Torres, Gabi and Koke Resurrección had a lot of ancestry. Some fans speculated that one of them could be their interlocutor. Of course, if it were personal, then the matter would be circumscribed to his inner circle. “There were other comments, which told me, ‘I’ll leave it to you Saul, but you know that it hurts a lot if you leave.’ These were the most screwed up comments for me, from very close people.

There was a moment when in my head it was’ yes, yes, yes ‘and when talking to this person who is so important to me, I stopped and said’ wait, let’s analyze it and think about it’. If everyone says yes, but an important person says no, you say ‘what happened here?’ “, I explained to the players about that final hesitation.