Wenger reveals one ‘terrific’ mistake Arsenal made while he was in charge

Legendary Manager Arsene Wenger has claimed that Arsenal’s decision to sell Ashley Cole to Chelsea was a terrific one.

Recall that Cole, who is regarded as one of the Premier League’s best-ever left-backs, came through Arsenal’s academy and made his first-team debut at the age of 18, left Arsenal in 2006.

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When asked to name the one player he would’ve liked to have re-signed during his time at Arsenal, Wenger told beIN Sports: ‘Well, I would say personally, most of the time, the players gave us seven, eight, nine years and left after.

‘The younger generation like [Cesc] Fabregas we lost early and would not have loved to lose him.

‘Because he was playing at nine, 10 years old for the club. I knew with Fabregas that taking him away from Barcelona, at some stage he’d want to go back to Barcelona.

‘But Ashley Cole came out of the club. I think it was a misunderstanding over a few thousand pounds.

‘At the time, we spoke about [Roman] Abramovich when he came into the game, Ashley Cole is one of the few players who developed even more and continued to develop when he left.’