Unfair: Antonio Conte moans about Mikel Arteta and Arsenal

Antonio Conte has been crying again about the Spurs-Arsenal game being called off, moaning about Mikel Arteta saying that playing Sunday-Wednesday-early Saturday twice in a season is unfair.

If you listen to Tottenham, you’d think that they had never asked to have a game called off during the height of the Covid cancellations.

Drooling at the thought of playing Arsenal, who had half their squad missing due to injuries, Spurs are still furious that the game was postponed, despite Arsenal operating within the guidelines that ALL clubs, including Tottenham, agreed to.

With Mikel Arteta highlighting that it was unfair to ask Arsenal to play on a Sunday, then late Wednesday followed by the 12.30pm kick-off on Saturday – and not for the first time – the whole of football is up in arms, yet again because it’s Arsenal.

“Arteta should remember the game postponed. Tottenham-Arsenal. If we speak about unfair,” Conte said, being deliberately stupid.

“In general, I think my answer is enough. If someone wants to think about fair or unfair, [it was] postponed the game, Tottenham-Arsenal, if you remember. I don’t forget this.

“And it’s not right to speak about fair or unfair.”

So, he says it’s not right to speak about ‘fair or unfair’ while doing just that.

Was it fair to Rennes when Spurs cancelled their game after the French side had already travelled?

Was it fair when they had their game against Brighton postponed? Do you hear Brighton still going on about it?

Was it fair when they had their game against Leicester postponed? Do you hear Leicester still going on about it?

Was it fair that every other side was allowed to request to have games cancelled but when Arsenal did it against Spurs, it suddenly became a problem?

It doesn’t matter if you only play one game every three weeks, you can’t store that sort of fitness.

Playing with such a short recovery time is not good for any players.

It’s why previous managers have complained about playing Wednesday-Saturday before, without much fuss being made about it.

But it’s Arsenal, so this is what happens.

For the record, when teams are playing in European games on a Wednesday, they usually play on a Sunday in the league.

Spurs, who played earlier than Arsenal on Wednesday night (in the league), play on Sunday this week.