Top three consortiums currently leading race to buy Chelsea after Raine group’s decision to push aside Saudi Media and Nick Candy bids

The release of the final shortlist of bidders seems to be taking longer than expected but the whole thing is beginning to unfold gradually as some bidders already know that they are out of the race to buy Chelsea.

One of those consortiums that have been notified is Saudi Media who have confirmed the decision by the Raine group but they are also open to merging with other bidders who make the final shortlist.

Nick Candy’s Blue consortium are also said to be out of the race, so is the Centricus consortium.

According to Matt Law, the Boehly led consortium are currently leading the race. Hence it is expected that they make the final shortlist. The consortium led by Sir Martin Broughton is also said to still be in the running, with the Ricketts family still standing a chance despite the social media backlash they’ve received from Chelsea fans in the past few days.

Reports say that the Ricketts family could approach Nick Candy in order to continue with a joint bid if they make the final shortlist but the Chicago Cubs owners still face the task of holding talks with the Chelsea Supporters Trust and the Pitch Owners if they want their bid to gain popularity.

The Ricketts family are no doubt an unpopular choice amongst the Chelsea faithfuls with Todd Boehly certainly the most popular as things stand.