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“… they are not the only club” – Ralf Ragnick links Arsenal and Everton to Russian oligarchs amidst Chelsea crisis

There’s been a lot going on lately in the world polity. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been the topic of literally every discussion and sports and football have not been left out.

Russian football teams and clubs have suffered from the repercussions of the country’s battle with the Western part of the world with UEFA and FIFA placing different sanctions.

Another club that has been hit by sanctions is Chelsea who happen to be an English club, but the club’s Russian ownership has implicated them for UK government sanctions placed on Russian businessmen as owner, Roman Abrahmovich yesterday had all his assets in the UK frozen by the government.

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Chelsea are now operating with a license due to the restrictions placed by the UK government and until Roman Abrahmovich completes the sale of the club, they could remain on the brink of financial collapse with sponsors already assessing and suspending partnerships.

Literally all premier league managers were quizzed about the situation in their most recent conferences and Man Utd manager Ralf Ragnick earlier today implied that Arsenal and Everton could be implicated as well due to their past involvement with Russian ownership.

Ralf Ragnick: “Could anyone foresee what would happen last four weeks? We have to be very careful to blame someone. Roman Abrahmovich been owner, but Arsenal and Everton have had Russian involvement, so they are not the only club.”

Simon Stone

There’s no clear information on ground about Everton at the moment but from the records, Arsenal once had an involvement in regards to ownership with Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov in the past and many are suggesting that could be the involvement being referred to by Ragnick.