‘Talent’ – Six quotes which prove Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli is going to be world class

The Brazilian forward was recently capped for his country and has impressed at Arsenal this season

Gabriel Martinelli has flourished at Arsenal this season, becoming a key player for his club and entertaining supporters with his catalogue of dazzling skills and energetic attacking movement.

The Brazil international was recently capped at senior level for his country and continues to show progression into one of the most exciting attacking players in the Premier League.

We take a look at five quotes from leading figures within the football world which suggest that Martinelli could go on to become one of the best players on the planet.

Jurgen Klopp:

After an incredible 5-5 Carabao Cup draw in 2019, Klopp said of Martinelli: “Martinelli’s pretty much the same age [as Liverpool defender Sepp Van De Berg] but he’s a talent of the century, he’s an incredible striker, so it’s really difficult. It was not in this game only. I watch a lot of football, so I saw the Europa League games of Arsenal.

“He’s 18 years old, right? So our scouting department is all over the world and stuff like this, but I think Edu gets all the credit for that signing – he came from… wherever. He’s really unbelievable. So young, looks so mature already, is a proper threat. Yeah, he looks like a really decent player. I didn’t want to put any backpack [pressure] on his back with this thing [his earlier remarks] but I just really like good football players and obviously he’s a very good one.”

After the recent 2-0 defeat at Emirates Stadium, Klopp said:

“Apart from the diagonal balls to Martinelli which Trent defended incredibly, the boy Martinelli is such a talented boy, really tricky and if anybody says Trent can’t defend they can come to me and I will knock them down because I cannot hear that anymore, I don’t know what the boy has to do!”

Dani Alves:

In reference to Martinelli, Alves used the words ‘Just let’s go my Phenomenon!! So happy to have you by my side!!!’

Jack Wilshere:

“The obvious ones that everyone knows about are Bukayo and Emile.

“But the one who I really like and I think is going to be top is Martinelli, I think what the manager has done with him has been genius as well.

“When I first went there, he was training and coming on, not playing much but training really well and I was thinking ‘he’s going to get his chance here’ and he eventually got his chance and he’s been brilliant.

“He was the Player of the Month and he’s been brilliant and he trains like that every day as well.”

Gary Lineker:

Mikel Arteta:

“Gabi’s playing a different position because Auba played more as a 9 in his last few months. He certainly has the capacity to score goals and be a threat in the final third. His contribution and all round game has been exceptional.”

Kieran Tierney:

In response to a fan from Reddit asking which player he was “most blown away” by, Tierney said in a Q&A on Arsenal’s website:

“I would say Martinelli.

“I think his hunger and drive and his talent together as one is more than enough to be a world-class player for many years.

“When I first did a full training session with the team I was put up against Martinelli and the intensity of his play was honestly mind-blowing.

“I thought to myself: this is the standard I need to be at to play for Arsenal.”