Premier League raise ‘integrity’ claims as they block return of former Chelsea star to England

The Premier League are blocking Burnley from signing former Chelsea star Victor Moses from Spartak Moscow amidst the sanctions placed on Russian clubs following the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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Recall that FIFA & UEFA after the sanctions granted special dispensation to allow players in Russian & Ukrainian leagues to move and find new clubs abroad but the Premier League do not seem ready to comply with that directive.

According to Sky Sports, the Premier League have cited sporting integrity as the reason why Burnley cannot sign Victor Moses and this is probably due to the fact that the move is about to happen outside the transfer window.

While La Liga has allowed their clubs to use this special dispensation by FIFA, the Premier League’s decision to block Burnley from signing Moses has come under criticism from top footballing figures including Former Finland captain, Tim Sparv.

Tim Sparv: “How can it be that we let regimes use the Premier League to improve their tarnished reputation but when a vulnerable player needs help, like getting out from a totalitarian state, we say no. Is that the kind of integrity you’re talking about?”

via Melissa Reddy

Victor Moses spent the earlier stages of his career in the English Premier League playing for clubs like Wigan, Chelsea, Liverpool and Stoke City and the Nigerian played a vital role in Chelsea’s premier league triumph in 2016/17.