Premier League clubs Set for $2 billion American cash injection

Premier League clubs are set for a massive pay day as American broadcasters CBS, ESPN and NBS fight it out to secure the league’s TV rights worth a whopping $2 billion reports The Daily Mail.

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It was initially feared that ‘soccer’ breaking into the U.S as a major sport might have been dealt a huge blow due to the coronavirus pandemic which plagued the world last year but according to the later reports, the sale of premier league TV rights could double what was earlier negotiated in 2015.

Second-round bids are due by November 18 and Disney’s ESPN, Comcast’s NBC and ViacomCBS are the three broadcasters left to slug it out, as per The Financial Times.

NBC currently holds the premier league viewing rights which they acquired in a deal worth around $1 billion way back in 2015, but the latest deal is set to double that figure as it stands at $2 billion.

This new figure is one that goes beyond the expectations of premier league chief executives and it is reported that the new deal is the premier league’s biggest ever foreign TV deal.

The $2 billion deal represent a major news for football as a whole given that it was once feared that the sport was losing its appeal in the US.