Martin Odegaard set to play huge role in convincing World Class striker to join Arteta youthful side

Arsenal are right now in a brilliant run of form. Great team spirit. These young fellas are loving rocking together.

Aubameyang did well in his day but became a deadweight at the end. But it was best he departed. Xhaka and Laca should please follow suit as soon as possible.

Yes, Laca assisted 2 goals last Sunday against Watford but we could have scored 6 on the day had we had an awesome hitman in his place.

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Arsenal should forget all the names they’ve been chasing (Lautaro Martinez, Dusan Vlahovic, etc) and, instead, simply pull out the stops for Erling Haaland who’ll fit in perfectly as the arrowhead of our youthful team.

With Haaland’s buddy and his Norway captain, Martin Odegaard, firmly in place to play behind him, and Arsenal playing in the Champions League next season, we will be well able to pay Haaland what Auba was earning, Haaland will want to come.

And if he does, with Laca and Xhaka gone, we will challenge for titles next season and could have a young team that could equal or even surpass the Invincibles.