Latest on Chelsea sale as Raine group gets set to announce final shortlist in the coming hours

We are gradually approaching the end of the whole process as regards to the sale of Chelsea Football Club.

In the past few days, we’ve heard stories surrounding some serious bidders with the likes of Tohd Boehly, Nick Candy and a Saudi led consortium making the headlines.

However, latest reports emerging from Reuters suggest that business tycoon and Chelsea fan Nick Candy is not really sure he would make the final shortlist to be released by the Raine merchant bank in less than 48 hours but has already held talks with some of his partners on his proposed plans for Chelsea Football Club should his bid succeed.

According to Reuters, Raine, in consultation with Chelsea, will narrow down the shortlist which could be released tomorrow, and the process of the sale is being slowed down by revised bids still coming in from interested candidates.

According to Standard Sports’ James Robson, Contenders with experience of owning sports teams would be the preferred option for the Raine group and Chelsea Football Club, but that does not automatically rule out other bidders.

Goal ‘s Nizaar Kinsella on the other hand reports that there are feelings around the process that a United States consortium will win the bid to buy Chelsea. Thus, it could be inferred that the Boehly-Wyss- Goldstein consortium is currently leading the race as they’ve been quite vocal as regards their plans in the media, with a large section of British journalists fancying the Swiss-American partnership as the most likely winner of the bidding process.

Even though a lot of Chelsea fans would prefer Saudi Media to win the bidding war, the narrative being painted by the British media suggests that accepting a bid from the Middle East isn’t the most feasible option.