Latest on Abrahmovich’s proposed Chelsea sale as Russian billionaire makes final attempt to maintain leverage

It’s becoming inevitable with every passing hour that Russian billionaire Roman Abrahmovich would eventually sell Chelsea Football Club amidst the incessant threat of sanctions by the UK government following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is said that Abrahmovich is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, hence, it’s difficult to see the Russian Oligarch escape sanctions being placed on Russian businesses in the UK.

It was reported by Daily Mail earlier today that Roman Abramovich wants a minimum of £3BN to sell Chelsea. However, there are doubts that he will receive anywhere near that figure with a sale to an American buyer, potentially through a hedge fund being the most feasible means of selling the club at the moment.

It was further reported that Roman Abramovich has spent time in the UAE in recent weeks with a view to transferring part of his wealth there and It ‘seems inevitable’ that the Chelsea owner will have to lower his final expectations if he wants to sell his club. This is amid a reported instruction to American bank the Raine Group to handle the sale of the club.

Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss is one of the names that have been mentioned as potential owner for Chelsea Football Club with the businessman being backed backed by an American consortium consisting of three businessmen looking into taking over the club for £2BN. Per Nicola Imfield.

And according to Goal’s Nizaar Kinsella, Abrahmovic is planning a total exit from the British economy.

The latest update comes from the Independent who report that Roman Abramovich is apparently hoping to create a bidding war for Chelsea, in a last attempt to maintain leverage with the belief being that they will have a preferred partner by this weekend after setting deadline for bids, before a final round of negotiations.