Jurgen Klopp drops formation change hint vs Arsenal as Mikel Arteta given Liverpool tactics clue

Jurgen Klopp has hinted that Liverpool could be changing formation ahead of Sunday's clash with Arsenal, or could it be a bluff... or a double bluff - the mind games have begun

Jurgen Klopp has dropped a huge hint as to whether Liverpool could change formation in the clash with Arsenal. The Gunners are set to welcome the Merseyside club to the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, October 9 as they look to defend their place at the top of the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta’s side have failed to win in each of their last five attempts against Liverpool, with the German walking away victorious in both of the previous two bouts. The Arsenal boss will undoubtedly be looking to put the record straight with the club enjoying a great vein of form at the moment.

And, the Spaniard will take any advantage he can in order to finally defeat Klopp after the German hinted that a formation change is on the cards. Liverpool typically operate a variation of a 4-3-3 but, with the north Londoners scoring goals for fun and his side having problems at the back, he could opt for a defensive shape.

Speaking to the press ahead of the clash at the weekend, Klopp stressed the need to remain unpredictable as a team. The 55-year-old said: “For us it’s more important we become unpredictable again so we need different systems for that as well. 4-4-2… We can name different systems. We have to choose which one is the best for us against next opponent. We have to be more unpredictable.”

Klopp continued by detailing how he and his staff plan to act swiftly once problems are spotted within Liverpool’s tactical makeup. He added: “I said before a game, if we spot a problem, we want a solution instantly clicking.

“We are still a work-in-progress to find a way back. So you cannot say we’re back, we need consistency. We need to defend the rubbish out of everyone. I am not interested in short-term. We have to be good until we are outstanding. Arsenal away, Rangers away – a different game to Anfield – and Man City…I cannot say ‘yes, we are through [the bad patch].”

As aforementioned, the a false nine variation of the 4-3-3 has become synonymous with Liverpool in recent years. And, Klopp has responded to claims speculating that teams have found them out.

“Teams have worked out how to play against us when we’re not at our best,” he said. “Teams figured us out years ago but it still didn’t work [for them] because we were exceptional. Whatever system we play, there’s no system in the world with no weakness. It’s about how we perform.”