Jamie Carragher labels Chelsea fans ‘hypocritical’ for reacting angrily to him asking Man Utd to target Thomas Tuchel

“Chelsea have taken advantage of every other club in the last 20 years because of Roman Abramovich.” These were the words of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher on the Monday Night Football show about an hour ago.

The former Liverpool defender believes it is hypocritical of Chelsea fans to be annoyed at him for saying Man United should target Thomas Tuchel.

Recall that in the heat of the whole sanctions on Roman Abrahmovich, Carragher had asked Manchester United to take advantage of the situation by making a move for manager Thomas Tuchel, given the uncertainty he could face at Chelsea in the summer, a comment that didn’t go down well with Chelsea fans.

Chelsea fans were and are still clearly pissed by Jamie Carragher’s comments but the Liverpool legend seems like a man who is hell bent on his opinion.