“… it’s a lot of extra noise…” – Thomas Tuchel responds to Lukaku’s unhappy claims

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has responded to the comments made by £100 million striker Romelu Lukaku about being unhappy at the club.

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The gaffer was speaking to the media earlier today where he responded to Lukaku’s comments made in an interview that was released yesterday.

“We don’t like it because it brings noise that we don’t need. It’s not helpful. But we don’t want to make more out of it than it is. We know how it is.” Said Tuchel while speaking in his Liverpool pre-match press conference.

The German also suggested that Lukaku’s comments might have been taken out of context or blown out of proportion but still admitted such comments were uncalled for..

“It’s easy to take lines out of context, make headlines, then realise it’s not as bad or what he meant. I don’t like it because we need calm and focus.”

“I don’t feel him unhappy, so I am surprised.”

“It’s very easy to take lines out of context to make headlines, to get the best out of the interviews for several days.”

“I totally understand the process that’s why it’s a lot of extra noise, but still we are not here to just read the headlines. We can take the time to understand what is going on.”

“It does not reflect the daily work, attitude, work that Romelu shows. You can ask him, not me.”

Thomas Tuchel also stated that he’d hold talks with Romelu Lukaku behind closed doors and the manager played down suggestions of a rift in the Chelsea dressing room.

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“With Romelu [Lukaku], I don’t think anyone is aware that he is unhappy. That’s why we are surprised. We need to check. I see no reason why it should be like this. We have to wait to see what Romelu says and then we will deal with it.”

“The dressing room is not necessary to always be in harmony with each other every day. It’s good to be on the edge, it’s good to be in this harmony, in between certain boundaries.”

Would Romelu Lukaku leave Chelsea in the summer? Still yet to be known but rumours of him leaving as early as this January have already been reported as false.


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