“I do not speak in jest” – World renowned MMA fighter expresses seriousness about his interest in buying Chelsea

It’s no longer news that Chelsea owner Roman Abrahmovich has put the club up for sale and has started receiving bids in the region of £2-3 billion.

A handful of moneybags have been linked with buying the club including world renowned MMA fighter Conor McGregor who cheekily threw himself into contention with a tweet earlier this week.

McGregor tweeted through his official handle that he will ‘explore’ the opportunity of buying Chelsea and a lot of football fans at first did not take the MMA superstar’s intentions as a serious one.

Conor McGregor’s interest in Chelsea gained a little bit more credibility yesterday when Sky Sports’ Mark Kleinman reported that the fighter’s management company Paradigm Sports is working with McGregor Sports & Entertainment and Empowerment IP Capital, headed by sports financier Stephen Duval, to make a bid for Chelsea.

Before then, reports had emerged that McGregor was part of a United States Consortia including some US billionaires that were planning a joint bid for Chelsea.

The MMA superstar himself has now come out to categorically reemphasise his interest, thereby putting aside any initial doubts the football community had about his intentions of making a bid.

“I do not speak in jest.
I am exploring this, as I said.
Celtic from Dermot Desmond, Manchester United from the Glaziers, and now the recently up for sale Chelsea football club. All being explored. A football franchise purchase is in my future make no mistake about it.” McGregor said in a tweet about a couple of hours ago.

Reports say that Abrahmovich is being careful about finding the best buyers that would be able to sustain and maintain the success and winning culture he’s built at Chelsea over the past 19 years with a few bids already rejected in the past couple of days.