“I can’t include Ziyech in the team” Morroco head coach breaks silence on his harsh decision towards Chelsea star

Chelsea star Hakim Ziyech recently mocked the decision of Moroccan coach Vahid Halilhodžić not to include him on the national team list for the next two World Cup qualifiers on social media.

FB IMG 16305805381523090The midfielder, who was born in the Netherlands, is without a doubt the biggest star of the Moroccan national team at the moment, so it was interesting to hear what made him not a member of the selected team at the moment. Halilhodžić broke the silence and revealed that Ziyech’s behavior in recent months has been shameful for the player of his caliber.

“His behavior in the last two games, especially in the last one, was not suitable for a national team player and for a player who is supposed to be the leader of the team and a role model for young people.”

“He came late, and then he didn’t want to join the team. It didn’t make sense to discuss it, because the answer offered itself. For me, the national team is above everything. No one can hold her hostage.”

“It’s the first time in my coaching career I’ve seen this kind of behavior and I’m disappointed. It’s the first time I’ve seen a player refuse to play in a match on the pretext that he’s injured. He wanted to warm up because he didn’t like it because he was sitting on the bench. It’s all unacceptable to me. You can’t spin the national team around your finger. Either you’re 100 percent here or you’re not,said Halilhodžić.

Ziyech already had problems in the Moroccan national team with former coach Herv Renard , with whom he had an argument and therefore was not a member of the selected team for almost a year.

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