How Carragher eventually came to his Senses after absurd claims on Abramovich Chelsea academy fraud

English football pundit and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has not made himself an amiable fellow in front of Chelsea fans in the past week or so. Has he?

After Russian owner Roman Abrahmovich got sanctioned by the UK government, Carragher stated that Man Utd should target Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel in the summer amidst the current uncertainty at the club and the pundit even defended his opinion last night on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football claiming that Chelsea have taken advantage of other clubs in the past and he even labelled the fans ‘hypocritical’ for getting angry at him.

Carragher also made certain claims about the Chelsea academy by stating that they won the youth cup every year not because the Blues have the best academy in the world but because “they’ve gone and taken the best players from every club within the country and relocate the family and give the dad a scouting job”

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While claims of Chelsea poaching academy players from smaller clubs might be true, Carragher’s stance still comes from a fallacious point of view as no big club in Europe can claim to be a saint as far as that subject matter is concerned. Even Carragher’s Liverpool were once guilty!

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Agreed. Chelsea were once investigated for the signing of youngsters like Andreas Christensen and Bertrand Traore but the Blues academy have recorded successes with players like Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Conor Gallagher amongst others who had been at the club before they were even up to nine years old and the career trajectory of these players is a testament to the fact that Chelsea indeed have one of the best academy setups in all of Europe.

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Chelsea fans on Twitter of course did call Carragher out for his comments by providing these facts and more and the Sky Sports pundit had no choice but to apologise, admitting that he “got a little bit emotional”

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