Arteta makes surprise revelation about Guardiola after visit to his house

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has disclosed that he has been to the house of his former boss Pep Guardiola and they both ate together.

The two have maintained a relationship since then as they worked together at Man City and Sky Sports were keen to know whether Arteta has ever been to Guardiola’s house for dinner. “I have,” admitted the Gunners manager, but he didn’t confirm whether that was in the last two years.

When asked if Guardiola is a good cook, Arteta replied: “Very good. He can cook.” The Spaniard was then quizzed on the Man City manager’s signature dish, to which he replied: “Rice and really good starters.” What goes with the rice remains confidential.

The final food related question was on Arteta’s cooking skills. “I have a few I can cook,” came the confident reply. He then revealed his favourite cooking activity is hosting a barbeque, admitting his most recent event was just two days before the interview.

“The thing that relaxes me more is when I cook in a barbeque,” added Arteta. “So the whole process of building the fire and doing that and taking time and different meats and serving to people and having people around the barbeque and chatting is what I enjoy most.”