Arteta Finally Breaks Silence as Guendouzi and Saliba Wins Three Consecutive Ligue 1 Team of the Week

Recall that Arteta wanted them out of his team, he never gave them the chance to prove themselves, he claimed they didn’t fit into his plans.

Now at Ligue 1 they are determined to prove mikel Arteta wrong by putting it to his face that the made a big mistake not trusting in their abilities.

Saliba and Guendouzi Both at Marseille have both won the prestigious inclusion in the team of the week for three consecutive times.

They made Their appearance in team of the week a mainstay in a league filled up with worldbeaters well Arteta clearly made a bad call not trusting them.

Arteta in response to their performance in Ligue 1; “Obviously he’s our player, and we all do with all the loan players that we have.

“He continues to do what he needs to do which is to play a lot of games and play them well.”

“That’s a decision that we’ll make in the summer,” Arteta answered. “Obviously he’s our player, and naturally that would happen, and we’d have to sit down and decide what the best step is next.”

He noted that the club are watching the Performance of William Saliba Closely and might get his chance at the club hopefully next season.