Arsenal fans identify Milan player club ‘should have signed’ in Liverpool game instead of £30m summer transfer

Arsenal fans lauded Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan following his Champions League performance against Liverpool, claiming the club should have bought the Frenchman during the summer transfer window.

Despite his side’s 3-2 defeat, the Milan goalkeeper walked away from Anfield with his head held high after saving Mo Salah’s penalty and a spectacular stop from Joel Matip’s header that looked destined for the top corner.

After losing two goals in the waning minutes of the first half, Liverpool came back to win with goals from Salah and Jordan Henderson in the second half.

During the summer transfer window, Milan signed goalkeeper Maignan for £13 million from French champions Lille, while Arsenal signed former Sheffield United goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale for £24 million, with add-ons worth up to £30 million.

Arsenal fans, however, went to social media following his performance in the Champions League on Wednesday night, claiming that the team should have pursued Maignan.

“AC Milan signed a Ligue 1 winning GK Mike Maignan for €13 million, whereas Arsenal signed a two-time relegated Aaron Ramsdale for 30 million Great British Pounds,” one Twitter user said.

“I don’t know what will show you that English Tax is terribly foolish if that doesn’t.”

Another person added: “Mike Maignan is one of the best goalkeepers in the league. Milan’s acquisition of him for €13 million was a steal, and Arsenal lost a trick there.”

Third person wrote “How did we miss Maignan man…”

Others, however, pointed out that Maignan’s desire for European football is likely the reason he didn’t consider a move to Arsenal.
Others have also come to Ramsdale’s defense after his clean sheet against Norwich last weekend.

One person wrote: “Now is the time to move on. We overpaid yh yh, but is there anything we can do about it? No! Stop talking about other keepers and support the Rams. However, Milan made a fantastic bargain.

Another added: “We have Ramsdale!”
A third wrote: “We wanted an home grown goal keeper is that so hard to understand.”