Arsenal could sign the ‘next Antony’ after £3m transfer decision but Edu questioned about deal

Arsenal transfer news: Edu's latest transfer decision could land Arsenal the 'next Antony' but his critics question the additional cost to achieve it

Arsenal have fallen behind the might of Manchester City competitively but there has also been the transfer market exploits the Gunners have also fallen foul of. The City Football Group is a collective of clubs around the world giving Man City an edge that other sides simply cannot compete with.

Arsenal have no club partnerships officially. Colorado Rapids might be the closest that they have considering the two sides share an owner. However, technical director Edu is trying to change this it seems.

Arsenal are reportedly close to securing Sao Paulo starlet Marquinhos for 3.5million (£3m) however it has been revealed the club could have got the player for free. The Brazilian side’s technical director said, “Edu Gasper told us he knew that Marquinhos could leave for free, but that he would still seek resources to pay São Paulo because he wants to have a strong relationship with São Paulo in the future.”

Yet, despite this, the decision to overpay when a free deal was available has split opinion on this. It has, in fact split the Arsenal writers and below both Bailey Keogh and Tom Canton put forward their arguments for and against Edu’s decision. Make sure to leave a comment at the end to let us know who you agree with.

Bailey Keogh – Arsenal Fan Brand Writer

Arsenal’s decision not to sign Marquinhos on a free transfer and give Sau Paulo £3million in free money was certainly the wrong decision. The money could have been better spent elsewhere or on facilities that would improve the club.

Not paying an unnecessary £3million to Sau Paulo does not mean the Gunners are barred from signing players from the Brazilian side in the future. If he is available to be signed on a free transfer then Arsenal have every right to utilise that without the need for any backlash.

The £3million that Edu could have saved could have been used to fund a transfer elsewhere. Arsenal have been notorious for penny-pinching in the past but an extra allocation of funds could be the difference between the Gunners securing a key target or missing out on a player.

The amount that would have been saved would have been enough to fund more than half the price that Edu paid for Gabriel Martinelli for context on how it is important not to give away free money. Potentially disrupting relations with Sau Paulo to increase the chances of funding another transfer is a risk worth taking.

There is no guarantee that Sau Paulo would unearth another gem in years to come with Casemiro being the only elite player to come through their ranks in over a decade. Edu must be smarter with his business especially when the Gunners are currently struggling to generate funds from player sales at the moment.

Tom Canton – Arsenal Fan Brand Writer

Bluntly, £3million is not a lot of money for Arsenal. Considering the Gunners spent upwards of £150million in the summer window in 2021, more than any other side, highlights this perfectly.

Yes, Arsenal have ‘penny pinched’ in the past but that is certainly not the Arsenal of today. The club has spent a staggering £1billion-plus on players since the ownership got involved with Arsenal in 2007.

Sao Paulo are a team to have seen Casemiro, David Neres and Antony come through in the last decade. Ajax have benefited from their relationship with the Brazilian side and Edu has thought he wants a piece of the pie and is willing to spend a few million to secure it. If that three million means that Arsenal get the ‘next Antony’ then amazing. If it doesn’t, it is hardly a figure to make any fan go teary-eyed over. Well, maybe not any fan.

Let’s put it this way, if £3million is the difference between Arsenal signing Gabriel Jesus and Youri Tielemans or not signing them, then what on Earth is happening at this club? Especially considering the drastic wage cull that has occurred in the last two years. Then I would start to get a bit agitated at the decision-making in recruitment.

Arsenal paid a small fee and in return, it might see them gain so much more in the future. Not only that, but Marquinhos himself could see his value rise way beyond that £3million.

Edu is criticised, rightly and wrongly, for plenty of actions as technical director. This is certainly not one of those that he should be scrutinised for. For me, it is a decision I will actively and loudly praise.

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