Arsenal confirm stance on Arsene Wenger return amid Mikel Arteta’s latest admission

Despite Mikel Arteta seemingly insisting that he wanted to see Wenger back at the club, the Gunners have no plans to bring the Frenchman back in a more formal role as things stand

Vinai Venkatesham has stated that Arsenal currently have no plans to offer Arsene Wenger a more formal role at the club.

Mikel Arteta seemingly insisted last week that he would like to see Wenger take up a new role at Arsenal as he looks to continue the club’s rebuild.

Wenger spent 22 years at the club, winning three Premier League titles – which included the Invincibles season – and a record seven FA Cups. Since 2019, Wenger has operated in a role with FIFA as their Chief of Global Development.

He’s attracted some criticism worldwide as a result of his biennial World Cup proposals, but Arteta would ultimately like to see his former boss return to his beloved Arsenal where he can make an impact on the club’s board.

“With Arsene [Wenger] I have a really special relationship,” Arteta told Prime Video.

“He’s been away too long and we want to bring him much closer. We had a talk and I think he’s in the right place because for us as a team, for me personally, it would be a massive help to have him much closer.”

Arsenal are making noticeable progress on the pitch amid Arteta’s revolution at the Emirates, the latest victory coming on Thursday night with a last-gasp win over Wolves at home.

A Wenger and Arteta reunion may or may not be what the club need moving forward, but it’s not something for fans to concern themselves with for the time-being.

That’s because Venkatesham was asked about whether Wenger will return in a more formal role at a recent fans forum and Arsenal’s chief executive has suggested that Arteta’s words have been taken slightly out of context.

As cited by the Evening Standard, minutes of the meeting read: “Vinai responded that there is nothing but love and admiration for Arsene from the club.

“He is always welcome here, but of course with his new role at FIFA he is in Zurich, and [as he is] travelling, much of the time [it is difficult].

“There are no plans for a formal role. He [Venkatesham] believes Mikel was responding to media asking if he would like him to be around, which of course we would.”