‘That’s the reality’: Mikel Arteta says Arsenal supporters did something he’s ‘never seen’ before during the Liverpool match last night

Despite his team’s 2-0 loss to Liverpool, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta praised the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium Wednesday night.

The Gunners were in fantastic form heading into yesterday’s encounter.

They had won five games in a row, and their confidence was stronger than it had ever been in recent years.

That assurance was palpable throughout the first half. Arsenal were clearly the better team before the break, and Martin Odegaard could have easily scored in the early parts of the second half as well.

However, Liverpool’s class shone through in the end, and they emerged as comfortable winners.

Despite the loss last night, Arsenal managerwas full of praise for the atmosphere and camaraderie in the stadium.

He told Sky Sports after the game: “It (the defeat) leaves a bad taste because I want to win every football game.

“But, I’m very proud of the boys and the performance and the connection you see again with the fans, they stayed behind the team all the way through the game.

“I’ve never seen an atmosphere like this (at the Emirates). That’s the reality.”

On the field, Arsenal have gone a long way. The way they competed against Liverpool and Manchester City this season, despite losing both games, demonstrates that the Gunners are on the right route.

Mikel Arteta deserves a lot of credit for it, but he deserves even more credit for forging a great bond with the supporters.

Over the previous decade, the environment around the Emirates has been primarily poisonous. That has changed dramatically in recent months, and that is one of the reasons why Arsenal are a difficult team to beat at home, even for the bigger teams.

Arteta will lead his team to Aston Villa on Saturday, which will be a difficult encounter as well, given that the Gunners have only two and a half days to recover.