Paige Ruddy Reedsburg Bride-To-Be Dies After House Fire On Wedding Day

In Wisconsin, a tragic incident occurred as a young bride passed away due to a house fire that erupted just hours before her scheduled wedding ceremony.

According to NBC 15, Paige Ruddy passed away on Wednesday due to a brain hemorrhage caused by smoke inhalation from a house fire in Reedsburg. The fire occurred on Tuesday, which was also the day of her wedding to Logan Mitchell-Carter.

According to a GoFundMe page, the Ruddy family retired to bed with anticipation for the upcoming celebratory occasion. The individuals were awakened by law enforcement officials who notified them of a fire.

As per the fundraiser, Paige could not be saved despite the commendable efforts of her loved ones, Reedsburg police and firefighters, EMTs, med flight, and the exceptional staff at UW hospital over a span of two distressing days.

According to the statement, the individual passed away in the hospital while being surrounded by a large group of family and friends who were gathered in the waiting room. In a private ceremony on Monday evening,

Ruddy and Mitchell-Carter exchanged vows. The couple then proceeded to have a small wedding the following day with only close family in attendance. The newlywed has been reported to reside at a residence on West Second Street along with Mitchell-Carter and their grandparents.

A tragic incident occurred in Wisconsin as a couple, described as “very much in love,” passed away in a house fire on their wedding day.

According to a statement made by Ruddy’s aunt, the family suspects that there were no functioning smoke detectors in the house, which belonged to the groom’s grandparents. The individual in question was described as a precious human being.

The aunt, known as Holly, stated that there was nothing unlikable about her. According to the speaker, the person in question was a presence that one never knew they needed in their life, but always did. According to Ruddy’s family, she had planned to enroll in a vet tech program at Madison Area Technical College in the fall.

According to Lily Markgraf, a fellow graduate of Reedsburg Area High School alongside Ruddy in June 2022, the two formed a close bond upon her arrival in seventh grade. According to Markgraf, “she had a big caring heart.”

According to sources, she was reportedly available for anyone who required assistance, regardless of her personal feelings towards them. She stated that if they required her assistance, she would be available to provide aid. The individual stated that they will miss her for the remainder of their life.

Paige possesses enough admirable traits to fill an entire room. According to the GoFundMe page, Paige has been a lively and helpful individual since her toddler years, bringing joy to those around her. According to her family, she was a kind and fun person with lots of spunk.

Paige was known for her diligent work ethic in all of her endeavors. According to the statement, the child engages in typical activities for her age group, as well as additional tasks to assist her grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends.

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