Officer Salvatore Oldrati Charged With Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of New Jersey Man Who Called 911

In southern New Jersey, a police officer has been indicted on a manslaughter charge for fatally shooting a homeowner who had called 911 to report intruders outside his home.

On Wednesday night, it was made public that a state grand jury had handed up a count against Mantua Township police Officer Salvatore Oldrati on Tuesday. If found guilty, he could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

On account of the demise of Charles Sharp III, 49, on September 14, 2021, a charge has been filed. Sharp had dialed 911 at approximately 1:30 a.m. to report that he had witnessed two burglars in his backyard, one of whom was carrying a firearm.

Oldrati and Cpl. Robert Layton, another officer from Mantua, promptly arrived at the residence in separate vehicles.

Upon the officers’ arrival, Sharp, who had maintained his call with the 911 dispatcher, was found standing in his front yard. Layton was the first to arrive, followed shortly by Oldrati.

According to a press release from the attorney general’s office, Layton shouted, “He’s got a handgun on him, right there,” as Oldrati exited his police vehicle. Sharp was shot multiple times by Oldrati after the latter fired his service weapon.

According to sources, Sharp was transported to a nearby hospital, where medical professionals declared him deceased shortly thereafter.

According to authorities, Layton refrained from using his service weapon, and both he and Oldrati emerged unscathed. According to authorities, a firearm replica of .45-caliber was found in the vicinity of Sharp.

According to investigators, Sharp was shot by Oldrati without any verbal commands or warnings being given.

In cases where a civilian dies during an encounter with a law enforcement officer, it is mandated that the grand jury reviews the case. The incident was investigated by the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, who subsequently presented their findings to the grand jury.

According to a statement by Thomas Eicher, the executive director of the office, Officer Oldrati fired at Mr. Sharp within five seconds of stepping out of his police vehicle. According to reports, the grand jury has concluded that the individual’s actions were not justified and have decided to indict them for manslaughter.

According to Christopher St. John, the attorney representing Oldrati, his client was “extremely disappointed” upon learning of the indictment. St. John expressed his own surprise and disappointment regarding the matter.

According to St. John, “once an actual jury, a petit jury, is able to view all of the evidence in its entirety, that Sal will be exonerated.”

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