Lower Allen Township Fatal Crash; Man Hospitalized After Being Thrown Off Motorcycle And Over a Bridge

In Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, a 19-year-old motorcyclist was hospitalized on Thursday afternoon for what authorities have deemed “serious injuries.” The incident occurred when the motorcyclist lost control of his bike and was subsequently thrown over a bridge.

According to Lower Allen Police Corp. Edward Curtis, a crash took place when a driver, whose name was not yet disclosed, attempted to turn left from State Street onto the 17th Street bridge over Norfolk Southern railroad tracks. The driver lost control of their bike during the turn.

According to Curtis, the driver of the motorcycle was ejected from the bike after it struck the curb and was thrown over the west side of the bridge. The driver landed on the tracks below, which were at least 12 feet away. Police and first responders worked the scene, causing a one-hour halt in rail traffic in the area.

According to Curtis, the extent of the injuries is currently unknown. However, initial emergency dispatch reports suggest that there may be a broken leg and head trauma. According to reports, the motorcyclist was conscious and breathing at the time of the crash dispatch.

According to Curtis, the circumstances that led to the crash are currently being investigated.

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