Gabriel Raphael Cause Of Death; Woman Found Dead in The QPS Was Strangled

According to reports, Gabriel Raphael has been found dead due to strangulation.

According to reports, a post-mortem was conducted earlier this week at the Forensic Science Center in St James, revealing the findings.

Marks of violence were found on her face and chest, according to reports.

On May 8, the lifeless body of Raphael, a mother of five, was discovered at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

A resident of Upper Covigne Road in Diego Martin, specifically from the Green Hill area, has been identified.

On May 6, she was last seen alive while dropping off her one-year-old son with his father.

A woman departed from her residence located in Maraval to visit some acquaintances.

According to sources close to the investigation, police were initially unsure of the identity of the body found, as relatives of the deceased, identified as Raphael, had informed them that it was not uncommon for her to be out of touch with the family for extended periods of time.

This delayed the identification process and the family’s involvement in the investigation.

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