Cameron Chamberlain Wife of Missing Fort Cavazos Soldier, Found Dead

On Thursday, officials confirmed the death of Cameron Chamberlain, the wife of missing Army Specialist Craig Chamberlain.

The III Armored Corps expressed their deep sadness upon learning about the demise of Cameron Chamberlain and extended their heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

On May 15, the woman reported her husband missing. According to the Army post, it has been revealed through their investigations that Craig Chamberlain deliberately left the Army, as they believe he “willfully absented” himself.

According to official sources, efforts are underway to locate an individual with the assistance of local law enforcement, CID, and the individual’s family and friends. The primary objective is to ensure the individual’s safe return.

Fort Cavazos Army CID is urging anyone with information regarding Craig Chamberlain’s location to contact them at 254-287-2722.

The reason behind the woman’s demise is yet to be disclosed.

Her husband had a difficult time in the past few months on post, which led to a decline in his mental health. This was mentioned prior to her passing.

According to the individual, upon their initial encounter, the subject exuded an air of carefree, affectionate, and relaxed demeanor. According to Cameron, the individual in question did not possess any malicious intent and harbored no feelings of animosity.

The man appeared to be content and joyful. According to the source, Fort Cavazos and his leadership completely destroyed him.

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