Andrew George Arrested for Attemptin To Break Into A Home In Daytona Beach

According to the police department, Andrew George and Natasha Kachuroi were arrested on Tuesday evening for attempting to break into a home in Daytona Beach.

In breaking news, the name Andrew George has been reported. Further details are currently unavailable. In Daytona Beach, Florida, a man in a state of panic believed he had encountered a “ghost” at a motel on Tuesday.

According to authorities, he proceeded to drive recklessly across the city and ultimately crashed into a home while shouting for assistance.

The man was taken into custody for burglary. According to WKMG, a couple identified as Andrew George, 38, and Natasha Kachuroi, 36, requested a refund after booking a room at a Travel Inn due to hearing the bathroom window open.

As per court records cited by the publication, the duo was reportedly afraid of being followed by a “shadow” and subsequently ran towards Beach Street. At the Halifax Marina, George was seen slipping into the sea while sprinting around the parking lot.

Assisted by his partner, he swiftly made his way to a business located at 432 S. Beach St. In a dramatic scene at 426 S. Beach St., Kachuroi was seen forcefully banging on the door while George, in a desperate attempt to seek assistance, picked up a chair and attempted to smash a window.

The commotion caused by their cries for help and loud noises disrupted the peaceful slumber of the residents in the area.

According to a nearby resident, a couple was spotted on the front porch of the company, where Kachuroi reportedly exclaimed, “Please help me!”

George allegedly sprinted towards the resident, who quickly retreated inside, secured the door, retrieved a knife, and brandished it in self-defense as George persistently knocked on the door.

As the events unfolded, Kachuroi made an attempt to halt the actions of the deranged individual, while a separate resident promptly contacted emergency services by dialing 911. As per the complaint, upon the arrival of the police, George was found lying on the ground, drenched in blood and wailing in agony. The cause of his injury was not immediately clear.

According to the suspect’s statement to detectives, he and Kachuroi left the motel because he believed that a “ghost” was attempting to harm him.

He also claimed that he was unable to enter the establishment because he believed that God had warned him that Kachuroi was a negative influence. According to George, he refrained from entering the home upon hearing children’s voices, as he did not wish to frighten them.

This information was relayed to the authorities. According to the individual, he attributed his actions on that particular night to the influence of ecstasy.

A man named George has been charged with two counts of burglary and is currently being held on a $20,000 bond. Kachuroi has been charged with drug possession and being an accomplice to a burglary. A bond of $5,000 was set for her.

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