Alaweya Rishwan and Abdalla Sholgami Shot Dead by Snipers in Sudan

Octogenarians Alaweya Rishwan and Abdalla Sholgami found themselves in a dire situation as they were besieged by snipers and left without any food. The elderly pair missed the final evacuation flight out of the UK.

In breaking news, Abdalla Sholgami has been identified as the subject of interest. According to the family, an 85-year-old man from Britain was reportedly shot by snipers while his disabled wife, Alaweya Rishwan, allegedly died of starvation after being abandoned in Sudan, which is currently facing conflicts.

The British embassy in Khartoum is being accused by relatives of Abdalla Sholgami and his wife Alaweya Rishwan, both 80 years old, of not taking sufficient action to rescue the couple. The elderly couple resided only a few steps away from the government building.

According to the family, the elderly couple was instructed to travel 25 miles through a warzone to access an evacuation flight, despite their desperate pleas for assistance.

According to their granddaughter Azhaar, who grew up in Khartoum, they were reportedly evacuated by a group of 100 troops who came to their aid. Was the road too difficult to cross for them? The individual expressed their disappointment in them.

According to the family, they have reached out to the UK Foreign Office hotline, but they allege that the government has not provided any assistance to them since the most recent evacuation flight departed earlier this month.

According to Azhaar, the incident involving her grandparents was a crime against humanity. She stated that the responsibility for this crime lies not only with the RSF and the Sudanese army, but also with the British embassy. Azhaar believes that the embassy could have prevented this tragedy from occurring.

According to the Foreign Office, the case is deemed “extremely sad”. However, the office’s capacity to offer consular aid is “extremely limited” and they are unable to provide in-person assistance in Sudan. According to the family, Mr. Sholgami and his wife were confronted with starvation, leading him to depart in search of assistance.

According to reports, the victim was shot three times by snipers, leaving his wife alone inside the property.

The gunmen had surrounded the property, resulting in the tragic death of the victim’s wife. According to reports, Mr. Sholgami has fled Sudan and is currently seeking refuge in Egypt. He is said to be undergoing medical treatment there.

The patient’s injuries were reportedly treated by his son, who happens to be a doctor, without the use of any anesthetic.

According to a spokesperson from the Foreign Office, the longest and largest evacuation of any Western nation was concluded on May 3 with the final UK evacuation flight.Over 2450 individuals, primarily consisting of British nationals and their dependents, have been evacuated through 30 flights in a successful operation.

The case of ‘The Sholgamis’ is highly sensitive. Due to the ongoing military conflict, Sudan continues to be a dangerous place. According to official sources, the ability to offer consular assistance is significantly restricted, and there is no possibility of providing in-person support within Sudan.

The United Kingdom is spearheading diplomatic efforts aimed at securing peace in Sudan. According to the source, they have collaborated with significant international allies to address the crisis on a global scale.

This includes advocating for the availability of humanitarian organizations to guarantee that communities can obtain the necessary services they require. Since the outbreak of fighting in April, the UK Government has evacuated over 2,300 people from Sudan via 28 flights.

According to the UN migration agency, the conflict between Sudan’s military and a formidable paramilitary group has resulted in the displacement of over 1.3 million individuals. This was reported on Wednesday.

According to the International Organisation for Migration, over one million individuals have been compelled to flee their residences to more secure regions within Sudan as a result of the conflicts.

Approximately 320,000 individuals have sought refuge in the neighboring nations of Egypt, South Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, and Libya.

After months of escalating tensions between the military, led by General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, and the Rapid Support Forces commanded by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, fighting broke out on April 15.

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