Sean Shewe Identified As High School Student Shot To Death by Classmate

Sean Shewe Identified As High School Student Shot To Death by Classmate

In a tragic incident on Tuesday afternoon, a 17-year-old Virginia honor student shot and killed Sean Shewe, a freshman classmate, as he was walking down the street.

According to WRIC, investigators have reported that 16-year-old Sean Shewey was pronounced dead at the scene in Jarratt. Additionally, his sister was injured and quickly transported to a trauma facility in Richmond.

Recently, the sister was discharged from the hospital. According to reports, the fiance of the victims was present with them during the incident but managed to escape unharmed. He immediately sought help after the incident occurred.

According to a witness, a loud popping sound was heard, followed by the collapse of a young woman. A young man who was with her turned around, and the incident occurred just a short distance away. Another popping sound was heard shortly after.

According to witness Kenneth Bennett, the individual in question went down after the shooting occurred.

The individual expressed, “I am at a loss for words to describe it.” The individual rushed to the scene to assist those who were lying on the ground. Classes were suspended at Greensville County High School on Wednesday following an incident involving a student and a suspect.

Both individuals were enrolled at the school. Counseling services were made available to students in the aftermath of the event.

A Greensville teenager has tragically lost their life in what authorities are calling a “senseless act of violence.” The suspect in the case is reportedly a fellow student.

According to a letter sent out to parents by Greensville Schools Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Edwards, a student from Greensville County High School was tragically killed last night in what seems to be a pointless act of violence.

As a result, the school has been cancelled. According to WTKR, the 17-year-old suspect who resided across the street from Shewey and was in possession of a rifle has not been identified by investigators. According to Greensville County Sheriff Tim Jarratt, the investigation is currently at a point where no motive has been identified.

According to sources, the suspect in question is reported to be a high school Honor Student who is on the verge of graduating.

As per Shewey’s acquaintances, he was accompanied by two individuals and they were en route to the supermarket to purchase juice and cookies for his 2-year-old niece.

According to a local resident, the news of the shooting was met with disbelief as there is a prevailing sense that youth in the area are engaging in criminal activity. According to friend Jennifer Pickett, “He wasn’t one of them.”

As reported by WRIC, the defendant is facing charges of second-degree murder, malicious wounding, using a firearm in the commission of a felony, and negligent handling of a firearm resulting in injury.

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