Nakala Murry, 11, Mississippi Boy Shot by Responding Police Officer After Calling 911 is Released From The Hospital

Nakala Murry, 11, Mississippi Boy Shot by Responding Police Officer After Calling 911 is Released From The Hospital

According to the family of an 11-year-old boy from Mississippi, who was shot by a police officer after calling 911 for assistance, the child is recuperating after being discharged from the hospital.

The officer who fired the shot is being called upon by the family to be terminated from their position and face charges for the incident.

According to both Nakala Murry and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Aderrien Murry was shot in the chest by an Indianola Police Department officer in the early hours of Saturday morning. The officer was reportedly responding to a domestic disturbance call at the child’s residence.

The father of one of her children showed up at her residence at 4 a.m. in an agitated state.

Murry, expressing concern for her safety, requested that Aderrien contact the police.

According to Murry, the officer who responded to the scene arrived at the residence with his firearm drawn and instructed the occupants to exit the premises. According to Murry, her son was shot as he turned the corner of a hallway and entered the living room.

According to Murry, the individual in question was shot immediately upon appearing from around the corner. The individual expressed their inability to comprehend the reason behind a certain situation.

The officer who instructed him to exit the residence remains the same. Aderrien was shot. The individual repeatedly inquired, “Why did he shoot me?” She asked, “What did I do wrong?”

According to Murry, the shooting occurred shortly after the officer requested the individuals inside the residence to exit, lasting no more than a couple of minutes.

According to the boy’s mother, he was admitted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and received a chest tube and was placed on a ventilator due to a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and a lacerated liver resulting from the shooting. On Wednesday, he was discharged from the hospital.

According to Murry, two additional children, including her daughter and a 2-year-old nephew, were present in the residence during the shooting incident.

Murry’s family attorney Carlos Moore stated that the police body camera recorded the incident.

According to the attorney, his request for the body camera footage was denied on the grounds of an ongoing investigation.

At present, the body camera footage of the incident has not been made available to the public.

According to Moore, there is reportedly a video of the incident from a nearby gas station.

According to the Indianola Police Department, the officer responsible for the shooting has been identified as Greg Capers. However, no further information regarding the incident was disclosed.

According to the family attorney, the Indianola Board of Aldermen voted on Monday evening to put Capers on paid administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated.

Over the weekend, the MBI released a statement indicating that they are currently evaluating a significant incident and collecting evidence. The agency plans to provide their findings to the state attorney general’s office once the investigation is finished.

According to a statement from MBI spokesperson Bailey Martin on Wednesday, no further comments will be made regarding the ongoing investigation. Martin declined to answer any additional questions and cited the open investigation as the reason for the lack of information.

The family expresses anger over the police officer’s continued employment with the department.

According to Murry, she applied pressure to her son’s wound as he sang gospel songs and prayed while bleeding out after being shot.

According to the witness, the officer attempted to provide initial medical assistance and applied pressure to Aderrien’s wound by placing his hand on top of hers.

According to the witness, the medics were “very attentive” when an ambulance arrived.

According to Moore, Aderrien narrowly escaped death by a mere inch. According to the speaker, it is unacceptable for a police officer to engage in such behavior and evade consequences.

According to sources, a mother requested that Aderrien contact the police regarding her daughter’s father. As per the police’s instructions, he exited his room and was subsequently shot.

According to Murry, police informed her that her daughter’s father was apprehended later on Saturday, but was subsequently released due to the absence of a police report filed against him.

The user asked, “When was I going to have time to do that?” She stated that she was at the hospital with her son in response to the announcement of the man’s release from custody.

According to Murry, four days following the shooting incident, she stated that she had not been contacted by any police investigators nor had anyone from the police station visited her at the hospital.

Through tears, she expressed her happiness that her son is alive.

Moore expressed his anger towards the Indianola Police Department for retaining Capers as an employee.

According to the attorney, Aderrien Murray should be entitled to damages from both the city and the officer for the harm they have inflicted.

According to Moore, a sit-in protest is scheduled to take place at the Indianola City Hall on Thursday morning.

In Indianola, a small town with a predominantly African American population, approximately 31% of residents live below the poverty line. Located approximately 100 miles north of Jackson, it can be found in the Mississippi Delta.

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