Kashmira Patel Killed While Trying to Save Dog From Long Island House Fire

Kashmira Patel Killed While Trying to Save Dog From Long Island House Fire

In a tragic incident, a woman named Kashmira Patel lost her life in a devastating house fire that occurred in New York. The family of the deceased is currently grieving over their loss.

At 3 a.m., a fire broke out at the Herricks residence, as reported by Nassau County Police. Upon arrival, officials noted that the residence was fully engulfed in flames.

As per the official statement, seven individuals have departed from the residence and are presently in a stable state after receiving medical attention for smoke inhalation. However, one female was discovered deceased within the premises.

Kashmira Patel, aged 60, passed away after returning to her residence to rescue her pet dog. According to Chush Patel, a niece, she went back because she considered her a daughter.

According to eyewitnesses, the individual in question reportedly approached the door, assisted her mother in exiting the residence, and subsequently returned inside.According to a community member who created a GoFundMe page for the family, an incident occurred while they were gathered for a relative’s burial.

A tragic incident occurred in Herricks, New York, where a person lost their life while attempting to rescue their dog from a fierce house fire.

According to a statement published on the website, a relative reported that seven individuals were able to escape the house, either through the main door or a window. Tragically, a woman and her dog attempted to flee through the back door, but were unable to make it to safety, according to the individual.

Nassau County firemen received criticism from some families for their response. The individual inquired as to why the water was not distributed, citing the proximity of their sister.

Tarun Patel stated that they were denied entry. According to Bhumi Patel, she and others were shouting “there’s a human in there,” as reported by WPIX, a CW station. According to sources, the community is reportedly devastated and in a state of shock.

According to reports, Nassau County firefighters were unable to provide a comment to PEOPLE in a timely manner. The firefighters reportedly stated that they were temporarily unable to enter the house due to a downed electrical line.

According to Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro, “It was blocking the front door,” as reported by NBC New York.

According to eyewitnesses, individuals attempted to enter by jumping over the designated line. As reported by the outlet, the authority stated that a faulty fire hydrant was located in the vicinity. However, they were able to promptly locate a functional one.

According to WPIX, fire officials do not suspect foul play, but the cause of the fatal house fire is still unknown.

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