Jefferson Machado Identified As Missing Brazilian Actor Found Dead Inside Wooden Trunk

Jefferson Machado Identified As Missing Brazilian Actor Found Dead Inside Wooden Trunk

In a tragic turn of events, the remains of Brazilian actor Jefferson Machado, who had been reported missing since January of this year, have been discovered. The body was found buried in a wooden trunk.

Jefferson, a soap actor who had previously starred in the Brazilian show Reis, has held various other job positions such as production, set design, and press officer.

According to Brazilian press, the 44-year-old individual was last seen on January 27th. The individual’s mother, Maria das Dores, reported that she had spoken to her son on January 29th. During the conversation, he informed her that he was interviewing for a job and staying at a friend’s residence.

On February 9th, Machado was declared missing and his family discovered this when his eight pet dogs were found abandoned at his home in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The concern of a mother for her son escalated when she started receiving text messages with spelling errors and ceased to receive any phone calls from him.

According to Notícias do Dia, she stated that she had received messages indicating that he had accidentally dropped his phone in a toilet, which resulted in him being unable to video call his mother.

In February, concerns were heightened when the individual’s video cloud password was altered and their location was deactivated, adding to existing anxieties.

In Rio de Janeiro on Monday (22 May), authorities conducted a search of an outhouse located on a property. During the search, police discovered the body of Jefferson, who had been tied up and buried inside a wooden trunk. The trunk had been sealed under the floor of the structure.

According to the property owner, a woman, the outhouse was rented out to an individual who remains unnamed and is currently being treated as a suspect by the police.

According to sources, a trunk was discovered buried six feet beneath the floor of an outhouse. It reportedly took a team of nine individuals to successfully remove the trunk from its underground location.

Machado was identified by the police through his fingerprints, and it was confirmed that the body found inside the wooded trunk belonged to him.

The trunk in which he was discovered actually belonged to the actor and had been taken from his residence.

Cintia Hilsendeger announced the news of Jefferson’s death on Instagram, stating that he was found lifeless on 05/22/2023.

According to the individual who provided the statement, Jefferson was the victim of a brutal murder carried out by individuals who were motivated by jealousy and malevolence. The source also asserted that these individuals lacked moral principles. Stay tuned for further details as RJ Township Police are praised for their outstanding work!

The individual expressed gratitude towards all those who contributed to every aspect of the project. Jeff is in need of prayers and good thoughts at the moment.

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