Model Orla Melissa Sloan Stalked England Midfielder Mason Mount After Having A One-Night Stand


Model Orla Melissa Sloan Stalked England Midfielder Mason Mount After Having A One-Night Stand

Orla In recent news, it has been reported that Melissa Sloan, a 22-year-old model, allegedly stalked England midfielder Mason Mount after a one-night stand.


According to sources, Sloan sent Mount’s teammates strange messages in which she referred to herself as ‘Devil Baby’.

In a recent development, Orla Sloan has confessed to singling out Mount, his fellow Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell, and Scottish footballer Billy Gilmour in a harrowing series of attacks. The campaign reportedly began following a house party hosted by Chilwell.


According to sources, the individual in question reportedly changed her phone number a staggering 21 times in an effort to continue contacting Mount, even after he had blocked her.

It is alleged that she even went so far as to promise to stop buying food in order to save money for purchasing new Sim cards. In a recent statement, Mount, aged 24, expressed his fear of a potential encounter with an individual at Chelsea’s training ground located in Cobham, Surrey.


Similarly, Gilmour, aged 21, who relocated to Brighton and Hove Albion last year, shared that the experience was so distressing that it affected his ability to sleep. Social media influencer Sloan has been informed that she may be sentenced to prison on June 20th.

According to reports from Westminster Magistrates’ Court, it was revealed that the woman in question had encountered the footballers after receiving an invitation from Chilwell via Instagram. The invitation was extended to her friend, who was invited to a party at Chilwell’s residence.


According to prosecutor Jason Seetal, after the party, she and Mount engaged in sexual intercourse once. According to a statement made by the prosecutor, there was a six-month period of communication between the two individuals.

However, Mr. Mount ultimately decided that the relationship would not advance any further and chose to terminate contact with the defendant. Following the incident, he reportedly received a barrage of messages.

According to court testimony, Mount requested that Sloan cease sending him text messages and subsequently blocked her number. However, Sloan persisted in contacting him through various other phone numbers, ultimately utilizing a total of 21 different numbers.

A popular influencer known as the “Devil Baby” has been accused of stalking celebrities in the Prem after allegedly sleeping with footballer Mason Mount. The influencer’s actions have caused concern among the Prem community.

In a WhatsApp message under the pseudonym ‘Only God 10’, the individual stated, “I discovered information regarding Bethany, Esme, and others. I intend to uncover all the details.” According to sources, she reportedly sent him a photo of herself purchasing a new phone number for £12.99, stating that she will be sacrificing her food budget to acquire more numbers.

According to Sloan, they expressed a desire to apologize and requested a conversation to understand the other person’s feelings. Sloan also mentioned difficulty in moving on from the situation. Additionally, Sloan made a statement that the other person must accept their apology and apologize in return, or else a new character called “Devil Baby” would be unlocked.

Sloan emphasized the importance of making amends and offering an apology. According to reports, Mason Mount, the England star, has allegedly received Instagram messages from an account named ‘Devil Baby.’

The account reportedly posted a collage of photos featuring Mount with other women, and also tagged the footballer, his friends, and family in the images.

During a court hearing, Mount, a footballer with 36 England caps, read a statement in which he stated: “She knows where I live and where I train.” The individual expressed concern that if they are unable to be reached, someone may arrive at their training center.

Messages from Sloan flooded Chilwell, 26, and the Devil Baby account posted collages of him with other women. The photo captions made reference to the experience of undergoing abortions and being blocked from further access after a short period of time.

According to court testimony, after he asked her to leave him alone, Sloan sent eight additional messages in response. Following the party, messages were sent to Gilmour, who subsequently raised concerns with Brighton. As a result, extra security measures were implemented.

According to reports, Sloan allegedly made false claims of being pregnant by the midfielder who was signed by the south coast club from Chelsea for £9 million.

According to the Scotland international, the situation has had a significant adverse effect on their well-being, causing them to experience sleeplessness and rely on sleeping medication. The user reported that their performance has been negatively affected.

While in a new town with no acquaintances or relatives, I received regular messages from Orla. According to the source, the individual in question was only briefly encountered by the speaker.

The user expressed concern over the change in tone in the messages they received from someone attempting to grab their attention. According to the individual, the attacks from Orla have caused harm to their pre-existing relationships and friendships.

According to reports, Sloan has pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment without violence against Chilwell, as well as two counts of stalking in relation to Mount and Gilmour. According to District Judge Neeta Minhas, the individual in question has been warned that they may face a potential jail term for their stalking offenses. The sentencing is set to take place on June 20 at the same court.

According to her statement, one offense that targeted three individuals has crossed the custody threshold. Last April, Sloan, who has a following of 81,000 on Instagram, claimed in an interview that she earned £50,000 in only four months after quitting her job at Marks and Spencer.

Her method of earning involved streaming videos of herself consuming Percy Pig candies while in the nude. The subject frequently shares images of herself indulging in luxurious excursions across various destinations such as London, Bali, Mykonos, and Indonesia.

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