Luke Bennett Killed After Being Electrocuted While Playing Football With Mates


Luke Bennett Killed After Being Electrocuted While Playing Football With Mates

According to an inquest, Luke Bennett, a skilled young football player who was electrocuted while playing with his friends, could have survived if paramedics had been sent to the correct location.


Luke Bennett, a 17-year-old, was electrocuted with 11,000 volts after a pole he was holding made contact with an overhead electrical line. Medics reportedly took 23 minutes to reach the victim after friends called 911 for help.

According to witnesses, a 999 call taker who was lying on the ground and appeared to be dying, warned them not to approach him due to the risk of electrocution. According to Dr. Ian Schofield, a consultant cardiologist, he could have been saved if CPR had been administered within 10 minutes of the shock.


According to the speaker, if CPR had been initiated earlier, there is a higher probability that the individual would have lived.

According to a statement made by the speaker, the availability and use of a defibrillator within the first 10 minutes could have significantly increased the chances of survival. In a tragic incident, three teenagers were struck by 11,000 volts of electricity when a metal pole they were playing with accidentally touched overhead power lines.


Among the victims was a young man named Luke. Lewis Geszke and Ben Wilcox were reportedly rendered unconscious, but fortunately regained consciousness shortly thereafter. In March 2021, a group of boys were playing football with others at the Euxton Villa ground on Runshaw Hall Lane in Chorley. The boys had gained access to the field by going through a hole in the fence.

According to the investigation, as they were pulling up a metal pole they had discovered at the side of the pitch, a flash occurred.


According to eyewitness Ben Doherty, the three individuals were attempting to prevent the pole from falling over. According to the witness, there was a sudden occurrence of “cracklings and sparks” which caused all three individuals to collapse unsteadily onto the ground.

According to George Cooper, he was playing soccer 50 meters away from the children when he heard a “buzzing noise” and observed flames at the top of the post.

According to Sam Waddington, as he approached the trio, Lewis appeared to be regaining consciousness, but Luke remained unresponsive despite his attempts to elicit a reaction. After the commotion, Luke stood up but his friends were horrified to see him collapse to the ground.

Lewis and Ben were briefly unconscious before regaining consciousness and witnessing CPR being administered to Luke. According to reports, despite the valiant efforts of paramedics and a doctor, Luke’s heart ceased beating and he was declared deceased at approximately 6:48 p.m.

According to ambulance service call records, a 999 call was received at 5:58 p.m. regarding one of the children on the soccer field. According to reports, the first paramedics arrived on the scene at 6:21 p.m., which was 23 minutes after the initial incident.

According to reports, the ambulance crew was informed that the incident had taken place in a field adjacent to Runshaw College. According to the court proceedings, precious minutes were squandered scouring the wrong location before redirecting to the correct address.

According to reports, at the scene, a teen received instructions from the emergency call operator not to touch Luke in order to prevent any further casualties. The operator had informed the teen that he had dialed 999.

Due to a possible miscommunication by the handler, the ambulance service records did not identify a defibrillator at Euxton Villa, as the handler believed the boy only said “Euxton” and not the full name of the club. Upon the arrival of ambulance crews and a flying medic, a police officer who had already initiated CPR was replaced. Luke was pronounced dead at 6:48 p.m. despite desperate efforts to revive him. Fifty minutes have passed since the 999 call was placed.

According to ER doctor Matthew Spence, he was directed to the wrong site before eventually being redirected to Euxton Villa, as he testified at the inquest. According to the individual, upon checking on Luke, they discovered that he had no pulse. According to his statement, the team made every effort to revive him, but unfortunately, he could not be resuscitated.

Luke’s family has issued a heartbreaking tribute following his death. They expressed their inconsolable grief and stated that his beautiful light will never go out. Thomas, the father of Luke, spoke during the investigation of his son and expressed his admiration for Luke.

He praised his son as being “the life and soul of the party” and having a “infectious personality”, despite being devastated by the situation. According to sources, he exuded a lively and vibrant energy, captivating those around him. He was described as the life and soul of the party.

The individual’s personality was described as highly infectious. A young man, described as very outgoing, was reportedly seen riding his bike earlier than expected. The individual proceeded with their actions without interruption.

According to Mr. Bennett, Luke displayed exceptional talent in soccer despite starting at the age of 13.

Additionally, he demonstrated proficiency in various other sports such as tennis, trampoline, and swimming. The individual in question possessed a remarkable ability to perform tasks without any significant prior experience.

This individual was known to possess a natural talent for a wide range of athletic activities. After his stint with Blackburn, he went on to play for Burnley and Preston. According to the source, he frequently requested to be driven to a friend’s residence or to engage in a game of football in the Buckshaw or Euxton areas. The individual stated that they had agreed to retrieve and collect the item in question.

The individual reported having left the item on their path, a behavior they claim to have repeated numerous times in the past. The coroner inquired about the well-being of Bennett, his wife, and Luke’s older brother, Dylan, since the passing of Luke. With tears streaming down his face, he replied, “Day by day.” The situation has been challenging.

Following the passing of teenager Luke, AFC Fylde, the club he belonged to, issued a poignant statement.

According to the club, Luke was a well-liked and popular young man among his coaches and teammates, known for his friendly demeanor. According to sources, he possessed a charismatic personality that could immediately brighten up any room.

On the pitch, he displayed natural talent as a footballer and consistently excelled while representing AFC Fylde. The football club, its supporters, and all those who had the privilege of knowing him will feel the grief of Luke’s sudden and unexpected demise.

The individual known as ‘Lukey B’ has passed away. The statement reads, “Their memory will always be in our hearts.” Today marks the conclusion of the inquest.

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