James Harrison Identified As Suspect In Deadly Johnston Shooting; Tied To Suspect Peeking in Neighbor’s Home


James Harrison Identified As Suspect In Deadly Johnston Shooting; Tied To Suspect Peeking in Neighbor’s Home

A triple shooting that occurred on Wednesday in Johnston is currently under investigation by the police. The incident resulted in the death of two individuals and left one person injured.


According to reports, a police chase ensued after 52-year-old James Harrison became a suspect. The chase ended in a standoff with law enforcement at the Cranston-Johnston line, during which the suspect was shot and killed.

The identities of the victims remain unknown at this time. However, according to several sources, Harrison’s mother, who resided with him at 4 Ligian Court, was among those who tragically lost their lives. This information was obtained exclusively by 12 News.


According to police, the second individual who passed away was an adult residing at 2 Ligian Court, adjacent to the location of the incident.

The third victim was identified as a 15-year-old girl who lived at the same residence as the previous victim. According to police, she was transported to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.


Law enforcement officials have refrained from providing details regarding the events leading up to the deadly shooting. However, Target 12 has corroborated through various sources that the incident was a result of a prolonged neighborhood conflict that spanned several days.

According to sources, Harrison was reportedly spotted looking into a neighbor’s window earlier this week. According to Target 12, police were summoned to Harrison’s residence on Tuesday evening, but the individual in question did not respond to their knock.


According to recent reports, Johnston Police Chief Mark Vieira initially refrained from commenting on whether the police had any prior interaction with Harrison. However, he later confirmed that officers were present at Ligian Court around midnight on Tuesday.

During a news conference, Vieira stated that to their knowledge, the individual in question did not have a criminal record in Rhode Island and was never arrested by them.

In a recent development, the police have given a briefing on two shootings. More details to follow.

According to a neighbor, a loud bang was heard at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Shortly after, Harrison was seen leaving his residence and first responders arrived at the scene.

According to Vieira, his department received a couple of 911 phone calls around the same time, with at least one of them originating from 2 Ligian Court.

Officers and investigators were seen taking photos in and around two neighboring homes on Ligian Court.

According to R.I. State Police Col. Darnell Weaver, Harrison was fatally shot during a mid-morning standoff with the police. According to a witness residing in the vicinity of the shootout, as reported by 12 News, approximately eight to ten gunshots were heard.

In a breaking news update, authorities have revealed how they located the suspect. A video has been released showing the police’s successful efforts in tracking down the individual. More details on this story to follow.

Police officials have reported that Johnston police issued a BOLO (be on the lookout) for Harrison subsequent to their response to Ligian Court. A vehicle belonging to an off-duty police dispatcher was spotted parked at St. Ann Cemetery and promptly reported by the dispatcher.

According to Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist, upon arrival, the suspect drove directly at the police officers, narrowly missing their vehicles. Following the aforementioned incident, a pursuit ensued.

According to police reports, the pursuit persisted until reaching Plainfield Pike, where it was reported that Harrison intentionally swerved at multiple vehicles and collided with a Cranston police cruiser. The driver was reportedly seen driving on the wrong side of the road before jumping the center median. The vehicle then lost control and collided with a large rock, resulting in a crash.

Harrison was surrounded by police and instructed to exit the vehicle. Police officials report that after several minutes, the individual exited the location and brandished a firearm towards the officers. In response, the officers discharged their weapons.

According to Winquist, it seems that no officers sustained injuries, however, a few were transported to the hospital for assessment.

In a developing story, a scene on Plainfield Pike is currently being watched. More details to follow.

The police shooting will be investigated by multiple jurisdictions, including the Rhode Island State Police and the R.I. Attorney General’s Office. According to officials, both officers’ body cameras and footage recorded by a bystander captured the incident.

After a police investigation, Plainfield Pike was closed near the I-295 on-ramps for a significant portion of the day. However, it was fully reopened shortly before 7 p.m.

In the latest traffic news, an interactive map and updates are now available to help pinpoint traffic for commuters.

On Wednesday evening, two Cranston police cruisers were towed from the scene along with the suspect’s vehicle.

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