Heather Richardson and Emmit Yarbrough Jr Identified As Arrested Suspect in the Murder of Deborah Leslie


Heather Richardson and Emmit Yarbrough Jr Identified As Arrested Suspect in the Murder of Deborah Leslie

Last week, Heather Richardson and Emmit Yarbrough Jr. were taken into custody after a 30-year-old woman from Indiana was discovered dead inside a burning structure due to a drug overdose.


In connection with Deborah Leslie’s case last September, Heather Richardson, 34, and Emmit Yarbrough Jr., 56, have been detained.

As reported by the Times of Northwest Indiana, charges have been filed against them for tampering with the scene of death and failing to report a deceased individual to the authorities. As reported, Richardson was taken into custody in May, while Yarbrough Jr. was apprehended in March.


According to surveillance footage, two individuals were seen pushing Leslie’s motionless body out of a Motel 6 in Hammond, Indiana, on the evening of September 21. As reported by the Times, Leslie was seen wearing a bedsheet, a cap, and a medical mask.

According to video evidence, Leslie’s body was reportedly transported from the second story of the motel to the parking lot and subsequently positioned in the front passenger seat of her Mazda vehicle.


As per court documents, Leslie was reportedly unresponsive and lacked cognitive abilities, as stated by the Times. As per the coroner’s reports, Leslie’s cause of death was determined to be a result of a combination of fentanyl and cocaine overdose.

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the case of an Indiana overdose victim whose body was found dumped in a building that was later set on fire.


A smoldering structure approximately 10 miles away in Gary, Indiana, was where her body was found on September 23rd, two days after it was seen being moved. Last year,

The Chicago Tribune conducted an interview with Leslie’s parents and four siblings, who spoke about her struggle with addiction.

According to the family, their daughter had undergone ten stints in rehab throughout her life, initially for alcohol, followed by opiates, and most recently for heroin. As per David Leslie, the father of the 30-year-old, the individual had willingly admitted themselves to treatment on multiple occasions.

As per his statement, he pointed out that she did make an effort. According to the individual, the progress made was hindered by setbacks, resulting in a net gain of only three steps forward for every two steps back.

According to Leslie’s relatives, she had been in treatment from 2018 to 2020, but unfortunately relapsed. Despite this setback, they noted that Leslie remained outgoing and effective at work during periods of abstinence.

According to Maggie Feist Leslie, her mother, it was a roller coaster. According to Leslie’s mother, she typically kept overdose reversal medication like Narcan or Naloxone in her purse, and regularly utilized test strips to check if heroin was mixed with fentanyl.

This information was relayed to the newspaper. According to the New York Times, Leslie’s father recently commented on the allegations against Richardson and Yarbrough Jr., stating that he believed they were “pretty minimal.”

He remarked that to him, it didn’t seem to be enough justice. The individual expressed their belief that they will continue to feel the same way indefinitely.

The SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-HELP is available for individuals or those who know someone suffering from substance misuse.

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