Edvin Cinto Identified As Victim Killed by Lightning Strike In Florida


Edvin Cinto Identified As Victim Killed by Lightning Strike

A tragic incident occurred in Florida where a 24-year-old roofer, Edvin Cinto, lost his life due to a lightning bolt while working on the job. The unfortunate incident took place in front of his coworkers, who witnessed the incident. As per reports, one of his socks was found melted to his foot.


On Monday, Edvin Cinto was struck by a bolt while working on a roof on Sterling Point Drive in Deltona. After the frightening incident, individuals called 911 as witnesses.

According to a caller, an individual has fallen from the roof and is believed to be unconscious. According to reports, he was allegedly struck by lightning. According to another individual, “He’s not breathing, but he does have a pulse.”


According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, when first responders arrived, Cinto emitted a scent of burned hair and had one sock fused to his foot. According to one of the other workers, Cinto had already passed away by the time they arrived at the hospital to pay him a visit.

Cinto’s cousin Cesario Cinto described him as a dedicated worker and a good person, stating “He was a fine guy, dedicated to his job, and just a good boy.” According to the speaker, it is unsafe to work during a lightning storm and therefore, everyone should cease working.


According to the victim’s coworker, there was no rain at the time of the fatal incident. According to Cinto’s relatives, they are currently collecting funds to repatriate his body to Guatemala for burial. Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration arrived on the scene Tuesday afternoon as part of the inquiry.

According to Volusia County Emergency Services Director Jim Judge, it is important not to take any chances with one’s life or family as terrible things can happen to good people. According to the interviewee’s statement to Fox 35, the unpredictability of lightning strikes is a cause for concern.


The interviewee further explained that lightning can strike up to 15 miles ahead of a storm, which means that a bolt can occur even when it’s not raining.

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