Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans Identified As Victims of the Ely Crash


Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans Identified As Victims of the Ely Crash

Local reports have identified Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, as the two individuals who lost their lives in the Cardiff car accident that sparked a riot.


Tragedy struck in Ely on Monday evening at approximately 6:00 PM BST, as two young individuals lost their lives while operating an electric bike. According to some residents who spoke to the PA news agency, the boys were being pursued by police officers.

According to South Wales Police, the lads were not being chased. Over 100 individuals congregated in the aftermath of the event, resulting in the ignition of vehicles and the launching of fireworks towards law enforcement.


According to Bridy Bool, who is familiar with Harvey’s family, the young man had numerous friends and took pleasure in activities such as motorbiking and football.

According to sources, he and Kyrees were best friends and had shared interests. According to her explanation, it was not unusual for them to be in each other’s company.


According to Ms. Bool, she believed that the two individuals were being chased by law enforcement officials “due to the circulation of videos.”

The identities of the two teenagers who lost their lives in a car accident in Ely have been revealed.


According to police, they arrived at the area after the incident and managed “large-scale disorder” until the early hours of Tuesday. They denied the assertion made by others. As per the statement of South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, a disturbance resulted in injuries to as many as 12 officers.

According to Mr. Michael, rumors of a police chase had spread widely, despite the fact that such a chase had not actually occurred. Arrests have been confirmed by South Wales Police, however, the exact number has not been specified.

In Ely on Monday night, a group of 100 to 150 individuals gathered, resulting in the setting of cars on fire and the throwing of pyrotechnics at police. At 8:00 PM, police announced via Twitter that they were present at the crash site and simultaneously attempting to “de-escalate ongoing disorder.”

According to the police department, a significant number of calls were received from locals who were understandably frightened. At 01:10 BST on Tuesday, police reported numerous vehicles had been set on fire and arrests were underway.

The police force extended their sympathies to the families of the young individuals who passed away and to those impacted by the recent disturbances. According to a police spokesperson, additional arrests are expected to be carried out.

According to Mr. Michael on BBC Radio 4’s Today, the crash is currently under investigation and seems to have triggered the disturbance. According to him, the connection between the two incidents was “unclear.”

According to Mr. Michael, investigations will be conducted this morning in an attempt to ascertain what occurred.

According to the official, the priority at the moment is to conduct a thorough investigation into the collision and the subsequent horrific scenes. First Minister Mark Drakeford, whose constituency includes Ely, expressed great concern over the upsetting reports.

According to a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the incident was deemed “appalling and completely unacceptable.”

According to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), they have not yet received a referral from South Wales Police regarding the incident in Ely that occurred last night. The IOPC also mentioned that there is currently no indication that they will receive a referral.

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