Elio Cumana-Rivas Identified As The Eighth Victim In Allen, Texas Mass Shooting

Elio Cumana-Rivas Identified As The Eighth Victim In Allen, Texas Mass Shooting

The latest victim of the Allen mass shooting has been identified as Elio Cumana-Rivas, a 32-year-old Venezuelan.

Eight individuals, including Cumana-Rivas, lost their lives in the May 6 tragedy. The incident also resulted in the deaths of a security guard, an engineer, and two elementary school students.

The investigation is being led by the Texas Department of Public Safety, with assistance from Allen police and the FBI.

Dallas resident Mauricio Garcia was reportedly carrying an assault rifle resembling an AR-15. The individual was observed donning a tactical vest and bearing a firearm. A police officer fatally shot him during his violent outburst.

In 2022, Cumana-Rivas relocated to the United States from Panama with the aim of providing support for his family in Venezuela. According to Gregory Smith, his brother worked as a delivery man in Texas and maintained communication with his family residing in his hometown.

According to his friends, he is known for possessing a profound soul and a generous heart. A man who was recognized for his exceptional taste in music and his fondness for spending leisurely hours at the beach has been reported. The family and friends of the deceased are devastated by his sudden passing.

Multiple loved ones were lost by families in the Texas outlet mall shooting.

According to Gregory, they were all very close. He stated this in an interview with CNN. According to sources, the individual in question assisted their mother in purchasing necessary medication and also ensured that their father’s needs were met by keeping in regular contact with him.

Elio had a personal objective of self-improvement and sought to identify a suitable environment that would enable him to enhance himself while also supporting his family and friends. According to the individual, the driving force behind his decision to move to Panama and eventually to the United States was this particular factor.

According to Gregory, the family was informed of Cumana-Rivas’ death by a law enforcement agent who contacted his younger brother in Chile. While watching the news, it was learned that a group of Venezuelans were struck by a car in Texas.

According to Gregory, he and his family never anticipated that his brother would fall prey to the shooting incident that took place on Saturday. He further mentioned that his father is currently struggling to cope with the situation. The individual described the sensation as excruciating pain.

According to Fernando Guitian, a family friend, he has fond memories of spending time with Cumana-Rivas in Venezuela. According to the speaker, they have known Elio since he was a child. During his childhood, he spent time playing with the daughters of the person speaking.

According to Guitian, all of them hailed from Higuerote. According to him, the 32-year-old was a hardworking and kind individual who had a deep affection for his mother.

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