William Thomas Worth Identified As Arrested Suspect In The Murder Of Mila Loslos

William Thomas Worth Identified As Arrested Suspect In The Murder Of Mila Loslos

William Thomas Worth, a 71-year-old American national residing in the Philippines, has been apprehended on suspicion of murder.

The discovery of his 48-year-old girlfriend’s decomposed body inside a water drum at her residence near Manila led to his detainment.

According to a statement from the Bacoor City police, ex-pat William Thomas Worth was detained on Tuesday after authorities opened a blue plastic container and found the body of Mila Loslos. An obese woman’s body was reportedly placed inside a garbage bag and sealed with tape.

As per a police complaint, officers were dispatched to Loslos’ residence several hours after her 21-year-old son had notified them that his mother had been unaccounted for four days, as reported by the news outlet Rappler.com.

An American has been arrested by the police in Cavite on suspicion of killing his Filipino partner.

Nino According to Jay Loslos, he encountered Worth during a visit to his mother’s residence in search of her. Loslos relayed this information to the authorities.

According to reports, the son inquired about the whereabouts of his mother, to which Worth reportedly replied, “I don’t know.” A 21-year-old individual grew suspicious after detecting a noxious smell in their dwelling. Consequently, they sought aid from the police station, which resulted in a horrific revelation.

Three knives and a length of nylon rope were discovered by investigators at the site. Multiple wounds were noticed on Worth’s body.

According to Ruther Saquilayan, police chief of Bacoor City, “the victim has been dead for two to three days,” as reported by the Manila Bulletin. Loslos is set to undergo an autopsy in order to determine the cause of death.

Early evidence suggests that Worth and Loslos engaged in a dispute following his discovery that his girlfriend was married with a child, contrary to her claim of being single. According to authorities, during the dispute, the woman slid and banged her head. Worth then allegedly strangled her to death.

On Wednesday, Worth was scheduled to appear in court to face murder charges in relation to the killing of Loslos. According to sources, the situation has been acknowledged.

According to AFP, a spokeswoman from the US embassy in Manila stated that they are unable to disclose any further details due to considerations under the US Privacy Act.

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