Jess Bradford, Jr. And Michael Wyrick Died In A Vehicle Accident

Jess Bradford, Jr. And Michael Wyrick Died In A Vehicle Accident

Police in California are investigating whether a dangerous TikTok challenge may have been the cause of a fatal car crash resulting from a high-speed police chase earlier this week. Jess Bradford, Jr. and Michael Wyrick are the officers leading the investigation.

Two individuals, Jess Bradford Jr. (21) and Michael Wyrick (16), lost their lives in a tragic accident early Monday morning.

The incident occurred in Peterson Park in Lodi, where the stolen Hyundai they were driving collided with a fence and a tree. The Lodi Police Department has confirmed the details of the incident.

As per CBS reports, authorities have stated that two males are suspected to have been involved in a gang that stole a Hyundai and a Kia the previous night.

The theft is believed to have been carried out as a part of the TikTok “Kia challenge,” which involves hot wiring both models with a USB drive. As reported by the outlet, a police chase involving Bradford, Wyrick, and the drivers of a missing Kia occurred less than an hour before the crash.

In breaking news, Jess Bradford Jr. and Michael Wyrick have been identified as 21 and 16 years old, respectively.

TikTok’s ‘Kia challenge’ may have had a role in a fatal car accident

The pursuit was called off when the drivers of the stolen vehicles turned off their lights, according to the LPD. “I’m just like… with all my stuff.”I’m not sure where it is. According to CBS, the owner of the Kia, who chose to remain anonymous, described the situation as “insane.”

According to witness Gannon Schumer, one of the stolen vehicles involved in the police chase caused damage to his parked car.

The speaker expressed their amazement at the circumstances surrounding the incident, particularly how the individual in question managed to travel such a great distance. He described the accident as “insane.”

Last autumn, four Buffalo teenagers lost their lives in a deadly crash that was linked to TikTok. The stolen Kia they were riding in crashed at high speed, marking the second time the social media platform has been associated with a fatal accident.

The recent Lodi disaster also had ties to TikTok. Police departments across the United States have reported a surge in Kia and Hyundai thefts since the release of a video demonstrating the technique last summer.

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