Jaime Carsi Found Dead Wife Seriously Injured By Suspected Carbon Monoxide Leaked At Their Home In Spain

Jaime Carsi Found Dead Wife Seriously Injured By Suspected Carbon Monoxide Leaked At Their Home In Spain

In a tragic incident, a man hailing from Edinburgh has passed away while his wife is battling a serious illness. The incident is suspected to be caused by a carbon monoxide leak at their vacation home in Spain.

On Saturday, emergency crews discovered the lifeless body of Jaime Carsi, a 40-year-old male, at a residence in Majorca. Alongside him was Mary Somerville, a 39-year-old female, who was also found unresponsive.

According to reports, Ms. Somerville is currently in a serious condition at Manacor Hospital.

At a rural property in Cala Mesquida in the north-east, a newlywed couple was staying.

According to a report by the Majorcan newspaper Ultima Hora, Mr. Carsi and Ms. Somerville were married two weeks prior to the incident.

According to reports, the individuals were scheduled to embark on a boat excursion on Saturday. Concerns were raised when they did not appear as planned.

According to sources, Mr. Carsi worked as an analyst for a Scottish investment management firm.

According to the author, Jaime Carsi entered her life many years ago while she was in London and has since become a permanent resident in her heart.

The subject’s smile and spirit exude pure love, according to sources.

According to the speaker, the marriage between the individual in question and Mary, a resident of Edinburgh, was a perfect match.

The couple is reported to have been actively involved in the Edinburgh Interfaith Association, an organization with the goal of fostering unity among the various religious faiths in the city.

According to the association’s director, Iain Stewart, the couple was known for their warm and open personalities that would light up any room.

According to a source, Jaime was a person who exuded positivity and kindness, making those around him feel uplifted and better about themselves.

The association frequently features the skilled harpist, Ms. Somerville, as a performer at their events.

According to reports, Mr. Carsi, who identified himself as being from Madrid on his online profile, is believed to have migrated to the UK during his childhood. It is further reported that he moved to Edinburgh from London approximately six years ago.

According to police sources in Majorca, an incident is currently under investigation.

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