Italian Big Brother Star Monica Sirianni Has Passed Away At 37 In A Pub Located In Italy

Italian Big Brother Star Monica Sirianni Has Passed Away At 37 In A Pub Located In Italy

Italian Big Brother star, Monica Sirianni, passed away at the age of 37 in a pub located in Italy. In a recent report, it was stated that the reality TV star fell ill unexpectedly on Friday evening while spending time with friends in Sauveria Mannelli, a town located in the province of Catanzaro.

Monica was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, she passed away shortly after being admitted.

The cause of death remains undetermined at this time. The individual expressed remorse, stating, “I vividly recall watching the show at that time and offer my sincere apologies.” As news of her passing emerged, a fan of Monica expressed their condolences with a tweet that read, “A hug to Monica’s family.” Another individual expressed their condolences to the family, stating “OMG…I’m so sorry.”

In the 12th season of the Italian version of Big Brother, which aired between 2011 and 2012, Monica participated as a contestant. After approximately a month, she was evicted from the show.

As per reports from Italian media, a reality TV star was reportedly spending a night out with her friends at a bar when she suddenly fell to the ground.

According to reports, Monica was taken to the nearby Soveria hospital, where medical professionals were only able to document her passing. Reports suggest that doctors have not dismissed the possibility that Monica may have died from a heart attack. However, an investigation into the death of the star is still underway.

Over a decade ago, Monica resided in Australia before making an appearance on Big Brother. However, she decided to return to her home country of Italy to participate in the reality TV show.

During Monica’s stay on the show, her boyfriend Diego paid her a visit and expressed his concern over her flirtatious behavior with fellow resident Fabrizio Conti. Reality TV stars Monica and Diego ended their relationship, with Monica moving on to date Fabrizio.

The couple continued their romance outside of the Big Brother house, but ultimately decided to part ways upon returning to their regular lives. After her appearance on Big Brother, Monica decided to stay in Italy.

According to reports, the parents of the deceased celebrity had immigrated to Australia prior to her foray into reality television.

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